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SSL Certificate
SSL lets you secure your site immediately with no waiting. This is one of the most trusted names in the certificate authority industry, ensuring that visitors to your site feel secure when they purchase your goods or submit sensitive information in forms. A CSSL certificate will keep their information safe as it travels between their computer and your server.
State of the art encryption. With encryption that can reach 256-bit and 2058-bit key length, the SSL certificate provides all the safety that your customers could want.
Domain level validation. Domain level validation requires the least thorough examination of your company in order for a certificate to be issued. It doesn't impact or diminish the effectiveness of the protection, and it dramatically speeds up processing time. An SSL certificate can be issued within minutes; other types of validation take at least two days.
High trust level. The ssl is trusted by 99.3% of browsers, resulting in extremely high recognition rates. When browsers see a site secured by a SSL certificate, they know it's safe, and your visitors know it too.